From The Desk Of JESUSANYA Adeleke Eniola

Dear Potential Importer,

Would you like to learn how i make cool cash monthly importing items from US, China,Uk, Hong Kong And Canada right from the comfort of my home?

If your answer is yes, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Before i continue, let me introduce myself. My Name is JESUSANYA Adeleke Eniola. I am an importer and also an information marketer.

Importation business is one of the most extremely lucrative and booming businesses in Nigeria as at today because almost every product we use in Nigeria now are imported from China, US, UK, Hong kong and other countries.

Before the advent of the internet, importation business was considered to be a business for the rich businessmen.

But nowadays, anybody can start importation business with less than 20,000 right from his or her house if armed with the right information, computer and internet connection.

The beauty of importation business is that one can do it from anywhere in the world.

You can start Importing the following Items from abroad to Nigeria Easily.


Ties, Wrist watches,
Motor spare parts,
Digital Cameras,
Children clothes
Smart phones,
Bags, Suits,
Ladies Sandals,
Male Sandals,
Hair Clippers,
Computer Accessories,
Flash Drives,
External DVD drive ,
External DVD drive,
Designer T-shirts,
Brazilian Hair and more.

This is a sample of some of the cheap items you can get on one of the secret websites that i will reveal to you.

This smart phone is sold for $76.15-128.16 (About N12,180) on one of the websites
that i buy items from abroad. You can resell this phone for like 20,000 here in Nigeria.

This laptop goes for just N12,800 from one of the secret websites and you can sell it in Nigeria for N25,000 and above.

Even if you do not want to go into importation business, you can still import anything you want from US, Uk, Hong Kong and China for Your personal Use and at a cheap price.

Annoucing My Online Importation Guide

This Small Scale Importation guide will take you through the process of import different quality items from abroad to Nigeria without any stress.

The followings are some of the topics you will discover in this import guide: